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TreeLink - A Modular "Link In Bio" Theme

treelink header banner

This is a responsive Linktree-like, "link-in-bio" them> for your links & social media apps. Built with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, and Bootstrap 5.

This theme is ideal for someone to host their OWN website. This is an easy, private, and secure way to showcase all their links WITHOUT signing up for services like Linktree, Bento, and others, having someone else track you, having ads spammed, etc.

You can preview the theme here.

Gumroad Store Page Here.

Theme Overview & Features:

  • 4 Different Index Pages (Round buttons, Square buttons, Background video playback & Background Gradient).
  • 10 Different Colours/Themes. (Including Proper Dark mode, Background video playback & a background gradient mode).
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & Bootstrap 5.
  • Font Icons.
  • Google Fonts.
  • Easy to Customize.

Round Buttons, Square buttons & BG Video:

Round & square buttons

4 HTML files are included. These are easy to use and customize.

A Built-in Modal Contact Form:

Contact form

Instead of relying on DM'S or social media apps for direct messages, users now can fill out the contact form and reach you directly via email. A more controlled and professional way to funnel all future inquiries on your page.

JavaScript Header Typing Effect:

Round & square buttons

Type javascript effect on the header, which changes automatically based on the words you choose. You can customize the speed, the number of words, and the looping as well.

10 Color Presets Included:

Colors 1
Colors 2

10 color presets are included, all shown in the images above, you get access to all of these, and as simple to change as changing the text in a single line: from "black.css" to "green.css", that simple!

For the Video mode and the BG Gradient mode, please see the demo of the template running in real-time, linked above.

Proper Dark Mode:

Dark mode preview

Well-commented and easy to customize:

Comments preview

Most of the editable lines are well-commented and easy to find, all you need is some basic HTML and CSS.

Responsive Mobile Design:

This theme is designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Free Updates:

This product is currently on version 2.0.0, the sixth free update. Updates and improvements will continue to be added, and you will get access to these at no extra cost. Here's a quick history of the changelog:

Version 2.0.0 - June 2023 - This is a major update, replacing all files is recommended. This update includes:

  • A light/Dark mode toggle switch was added.
  • A modal contact form was added.
  • 5 different fonts were added.
  • All Index HTML files are updated.
  • All Contact HTML files removed (Deprecated - Contact form opens on the same page, no need for a secondary page now.).
  • All CSS color files updated.
  • Bootstrap.min.css file updated.
  • Bootstrap.min.js file updated.
  • Theme page & documentation page updated - https://themes.jperez.ca/
  • The contact.php file has been updated.
  • Back to top class & button added.

Version - May 2023 - PHP 8.2 compatibility updated, contact form. (Please make sure that you are running PHP 8.2 or above on your cPanel).

Version 1.0.4 - April 2023 - Background video playback, new CSS style for the video template & the new background gradient color. Other minor updates & improvements.

Version 1.0.3 - True dark mode updated (same color scheme as the YouTube app).

Version 1.0.2 - Contact form added, cleaner CSS.

Version 1.0.1 - Documentation page added, cleaner layout, updated to Bootstrap 5.

Version 1.0.0 - Template Introduction.

Please Note:

This is a static HTML5 Template, It’s not a WordPress Theme. This template is ideal for someone to host their OWN website. This is an easy, private, and secure way to showcase all their links WITHOUT signing up for services like Linktree, having someone else track you, having ads, etc.

The images/videos are only for demo purposes and are not included in the download files.