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Jorge Perez

A full-stack developer, writer & photographer based in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I went to film school and then worked in media and feature films for close to a decade. Then decided I wanted to try something different... I didn't know what yet.

I moved to Japan for a year, and while living there, it dawned on me that the freedom and flexibility of software, creating your own projects & solving problems is the future. I came back to Canada and enrolled in an Object-Oriented Software Development program at S.A.I.T.

When most people fully transition between careers, they leave their past skills and experience behind, but I decided to package all of those skills into a coherent vision.

So I dedicated myself to developing and combining my interest with valuable skills. That way, it’s much easier to be top 10 or 15 percentile at three or four things than it is to play a zero-sum game and be number one at something.

In my case, this means merging Writing, Media & Code. Hopefully, this provides a sort of "unfair advantage" that people who are a lot more technical/capable or even creative do not have.