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First Attempt At A Personal Website


After working on the mobile app, I wanted to try to create a site to start showcasing some of my coding projects, and another site to showcase my photography work as well.

So I created and launched a basic photography portfolio website. Developed with HTML, CSS & JavaScript, using the Bootstrap framework.

The Development

Looking back, it's really simple, crude even, but it got me started and going. Getting familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap & the terminal. You can get started with Bootstrap here:

NPM Installation
npm i bootstrap@5.3.0

First Headbash Against The JavaScript Wall

This was the first time I encountered wild javascript beasts. It can be pretty daunting at first as a beginner, but the more you do it, the more familiar it becomes. Luckily, bootstrap has a lot of these javascript plugins included, so it's a good way to get yourself going. Learn by doing, trial by fire.

You can install Bootstrap via the package manager here:

npm install bootstrap@5.3.0
gem install bootstrap -v 5.3.0

The Typing JavaScript Effect

Every single beginner developer has this Javascript effect. Originally created by Matt Boldt, You can see his demo here.

It was fun to include this and learn how to customize it, and little did I know that this would eventually play a big part in my theme templates. You can install it here:

NPM Installation
npm install typed.js
CDN Installation
<script src="https://unpkg.com/typed.js@2.0.16/dist/typed.umd.js"></script>

Good stuff Matt!

cPanel & Hosting

The first project for a complete newbie is very challenging not because of the actual difficulty, but because you are wearing many hats. One of those hats is learning how actually to publish or host your side. Figuring out things like:

  • Buying a domain name.
  • Learning how to navigate cPanel.
  • Setting up subdomains.
  • Creating Folder directories.
  • Setting up DNS, SSL/TLS, among other things.

And although the project was extremely basic and crude even, upon completing it, It felt like a major milestone. In orders or magnitude.

This was the first time that software development feel attainable, like a real possibility.

Again this is a terrible, basic project. But you can see it live here.